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Your Neighborhood Café

Marco's Café offers a wide variety of made-to-order breakfast, salads, sandwiches and much more.

We serve a killer cup of coffee too. 

Marco's Café

382 Spring Street, Newport

Welcome to Marco's Café located in Newport

All of our menu items are made to order.

Call ahead or order online as parking is limited on Spring Street.


382 Spring Street

Newport Rhode Island, 02840

General Inquiries, Catering & Take Out Orders 


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proudly serving New England Coffee

Iced Coffee Sm. $3.95

Hot Coffee Sm. $3.25 Lg. $3.75

Hot Tea Sm. $3.25 Lg. $3.75


NOBL Nitro Cold Brew Sm. $5.35




We serve breakfast all day!


Bagel and Schmear $3.95

plain or specialty cream cheese

Marco’s Breakfast Sandwich $5.95

choice of bagel, croissant or english muffin, fried egg and choice of cheese

add ham, bacon or chicken Sausage $1.00

add hashbrown $1.50

Lean Machine $8.95

egg whites, chicken sausage, spinach, cheddar cheese with garlic basil aioli on a spinach wrap

Avocado Toast $6.95

toasted sourdough topped with smashed avocado, micro-greens, tomato and drizzled with balsamic glaze

Lox $8.95

smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers, baby arugula on your choice of bagel


add egg $1.00

Cali Burrito $12.95

Scrambled eggs, shaved steak, house grated cheese, avocado, black beans, sauteed peppers, salsa verde + a hash brown!

Fresh Fruit $1.50


Muffin $2.85


Cookie $1.95

Cafe Breakfast



add grilled or breaded chicken or any cold cuts from B.Y.O. menu to your salad $2.00

Soup of The Day

Ask your server about our soup of the day!

Marco’s House Salad $6.95

mixed greens, tomato, onion, banana peppers, carrots, cucumbers paired with balsamic vinaigrette

Greek $7.50

mixed greens, roasted red pepper, cucumber, red onion, feta, kalamata olives paired with mini naan bread and greek Dressing


Sweet Greens $7.95

mixed greens, sliced apple, grapes, goat cheese, house candied pecans served with balsamic vinaigrette

Caesar $6.95

chopped romaine, parmesan, croutons paired with creamy caesar dressing

Cobb $7.95

mixed greens, avocado, bacon, hard-boiled egg, tomato cucumber, swiss cheese paired with a parmesan peppercorn dressing

Cafe Salads




The Patriot $9.50

tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and balsamic glaze drizzle on sourdough served hot or cold

Spring Street $9.95

roasted red pepper, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, goat cheese with a garlic herb cheese spread in a spinach wrap

The New Yorker $10.95

breaded chicken, prosciutto, lettuce, roasted red pepper, provolone, oil & vinegar, oregano served on marzilli’s homemade bread

The Cliff Walk $10.25

roast beef, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, blue cheese dressing served on a

bulkie roll

The Buffalo $9.95

grilled buffalo chicken, bacon, spinach, banana peppers, blue cheese dressing in your choice of wrap

The BBQ $9.95

grilled BBQ Chicken, bacon, romaine, gouda, caramelized onion, roasted red peppers, ranch on marzilli’s housemade bread 

Cafe Sandwiche


Pricing listed reflects SM 8'', MED 10'', LARGE 20''

BLT 7.95 9.95 19.90


Chicken Cutlet 7.95 9.95 19.90


Chicken Salad 7.95 9.95 19.90


Corned Beef 7.95 9.95 19.90


Egg Salad 7.95 9.95 19.90


Eggplant Parm 7.95 9.95 19.90


Grilled Chicken 8.25 10.25 20.50


Ham 7.95 9.95 19.90


Italian 7.50 9.50 19.00


Marco’s Club 8.25 10.25 20.50

Meatball 7.95 9.95 19.90


Pastrami 7.95 9.95 19.90


Pepperoni 7.95 9.95 19.90


Prosciutto 8.25 10.25 20.50


Reuben 8.25 10.25 20.50


Roast Beef 7.95 9.95 19.90


Sausage Parm 7.95 9.95 19.90


Steak and Onions 7.95 9.95 19.90


Tuna Salad 7.95 9.95 19.90


Turkey 7.95 9.95 19.90

Cuban 8.75 10.95 21.90

Cafe BYO

Daily Specials

Thank You!

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